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Life Saver
5.0 stars
Posted by Evan
July 11, 2019

Morgan was a life saver! I was in a bad place and made some bad decisions, two in the same year in fact. Without her I don’t know what I would have done. I got in am altercation one night and was charged with assault. Morgan was able to get the charge dismissed completely and all it costed me was court costs and her fee. No record. Then I got charged with a DUI and she got that reduced to a minor traffic charge. This was all about 3 years ago and I have been on a straight path ever since. She didn’t treat me like just another client, I feel like she genuinely cared about my well being. If it wasn’t for her, who knows where I would be right now. Thank you Morgan Caruso!!

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
July 27, 2018

Morgan Caruso is a cut throat attorney. She was able to have my OVI and Physical control dropped to a misdemeanor. She literally saved my future goals. I would and will recommend her to anyone that is in need of an attorney. She was even able to cut my costs down significantly.

Excellent attorney
5.0 stars
Posted by Carl
June 23, 2018

Morgan was very thorough in my case she got the charges dismissed and a very low fine I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great defense attorney

Best of the best
5.0 stars
Posted by Sanford Doss Jr
April 1, 2017

Morgan handle my case with professionalism and grace, she kept me calm the whole case kept my record clean for a potentially career ending situation the m1 case was dropped and no cort charged she outed truly the best of the best in all area’s, thank you so much Morgan!

Did A Good Job
4.0 stars
Posted by Will
February 16, 2017

She did a good job with my case. I was charged with a F3, F4, and M1. She got the F3 and F4 dropped. I walked out of their with a M1 and 100 fine. Thanks


5.0 stars
Posted by Shayla
January 10, 2017

I am proud to say that she was able to get my case dismissed with no court costs. I was able to maintain my clean record. The judge saw through the lies . I am very happy with the outcome and her services. I will recommend her to anyone. Thanks Morgan for believing in my innocence and fighting for me.

5.0 stars
Posted by Josue
December 6, 2016

Great attorney… Did a excellent job on my case. Reduced my case from a domestic violence to a disorderly conduct. Did a great job with my traffic violation as well.

Morgan has great outcomes!
5.0 stars
Posted by Jaime
August 17, 2016

Morgan was hired to defend me with a misdemeanor charge, First time offense. Morgan has great repore with many of the area prosecuters and judges and was able to get me in a program that would relieve me of any criminal record. She explains things in a way that’s easy to understand, she also appears on your behalf so for many of the court dates I did not have to interrupt my busy work schedule. She is very responsive by email or telephone. I felt comfort in knowing she was representing me and that I would get the best possible outcome. She is hardworking and dedicated to each and everyone of her clients. She also offers electronic payment options that is very user friendly and conveinent. Thank you so much Morgan!

The best lawyer I could of had on this case
5.0 stars
Posted by Kenneth
August 16, 2016

I would have to say Morgan did a great job on my case my name is Kenneth I’m from Florida and came to Ohio and got in to a lol but of trouble on a felony four that could of landed me in prison for 18 months and with her knoleg in my case got it dropped to a misometer 1 with just a fine I would say if you need some one to fight for you in your case she’s the one to call I highly recommend her thanks for all your hard work.

Amongst many she stands apart.
5.0 stars
Posted by Drew
August 3, 2016

Firstly, please let me assure any readers that I am neither compensated nor influenced in any way to write this review. I am an actual client of Morgan Caruso’s. The following review is to attest to her character, professionalism and dedication to what she does.

I was facing 3 felony charges in Medina County for failure to pay child support. Due to many circumstances outside of my control i was unable to meet the $2k a month child support payment as court ordered in 2012 based on outdated income from when i was a business owner and had substantial yearly income.

From the very beginning Morgan treated me like someone she had known personally for years. Prior to this, her and I had never met.

It was very clear, early on in our 8 month endeavor, that she was dedicated in what she chose as a profession. She was a breathe of fresh air. She remained diligent throughout the 8 month process. Answered every call in a timely manner, was quick to reply to text messages and went out of her way to do what she knew was best for me and my case.

She seemed to be able to get the impossible done with little to no hesitation. I live out of state (IN) so court dates, filings and such were a bit more of an inconvenience and timely of a process as it would have been to someone facing the same charges but living locally. She didn’t bat an eye. She took care of everything and made it work.

I was facing serious penalties that included possible imprisonment. Toward the end of our hearings she mentioned that she was negotiating thoroughly with the prosecution for probation and court costs. I knew that would be best case scenario but chose not to get my hopes up as I like to hope for the best but expect the worst.

As of last week Morgan and I plead No Contest and I have agreed to except exactly what she had been working so hard towards.

I will be sentenced to Probation (that will tranfer out of state making it easier for me to comply being that I live almost 5 hours away)

I honestly think that had it not been for Morgans dedication to her work I would or would soon be rotting away in a prison cell.

I would encourage anyone in need of a competent and honest Criminal or Civil Attorney (i know they are few and far between 🙂 ) to consider Morgan for representation. She is far above fair, honest and understanding.

Thank you Morgan from the bottom of my heart for treating me as you have. Should I have any additional legal needs it goes without question you will be my first call. You have earned a client for life.

so lucky to have had her
5.0 stars
Posted by Devon
July 8, 2016

Im am really lucky to have had Morgan on my case. I have been to prison before i have 1 number and i had a Gun case. It was a F3 i just knew for sure i was going to jail for a couple years. But Morgan Caruso was amazingly on top of her job and got me 12months paper’s and three months house arrest. Plus my fines were suspended. I only had to pay court cose. I Love U Morgan Caruso! I wish u well. Have a great life and good luck on that blessing u have coming.. Untill next time.

Darrell very pleased
5.0 stars
Posted by darrell
June 25, 2016

I was caught with 40 pounds of marijuana in a hidden compartment, i could have been facing 18 years in jail. I hired morgan and she was very helpful along the way she always made time to talk even at 2 am lol and she got me a plea deal for 3 felonies with 2 years of probation and no fine to pay i was very happy with my outcome because i could have easily been sitting in jail. She was very helpful for me i would tell anyone to hire her because she got the job done the way i wanted it i really appreciate you morgan!

Morgan Caruso did an amazing job with my case!
5.0 stars
Posted by Kevin
April 27, 2016

Morgan Caruso did a phenomenal job in defending me. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. When I felt like the odds were stacked against me, she calmed me down and started looking for a solution right away. She had my back and wanted nothing but the best outcome for me. I was looking at multiple felonies and some jail time. She went above and beyond to help me drop down and dismiss these charges. She worked hard and got…

nothing like her
5.0 stars
Posted by Alex
April 24, 2016

Ms. Caruso got me a misdemeanor out of 2 fifth degree felonies.No probation just 100 fine and court cost. Never seen any attorney like ms. Caruso. I have been in and out of the legal system since 1982.She the best Alex P.

I got charged because my 16 year old had a party where over 200 kids showed up with alcohol!
5.0 stars
Posted by Sue
March 24, 2016

Morgan was the friendliest, hard-assed lawyer I have ever met! She calmed me down, explained my options, and resolved my case sooner than even the court expected! She was phenominal in negotiating! My end result is community service for 25 hours and my case is closed and will be expunged. She even assisted me in paying my first offenders cost by asking the court to let me do community service instead! I never expected this to go away so fast! The incident happened in August, 2015 and will be completely non existent on May 18, 2016! Morgan was always available to discuss any concerns I had! I honestly feel that she is more my friend than my attorney. I’m really going to miss talking to her after this is all complete! I don’t trust many people, but I would call Morgan before I’d call anyone else if I’m ever in legal trouble again! You just “Can’t go wrong with Caruso”!! Thanks so much Morgan! You are a wonderful person and an incredibly gifted attorney. Best always…
Sue from Pepper Pike, Ohio

Morgan Caruso’s stat may say 9.1 but she’s a 10 in my book
5.0 stars
Posted by Jeremiah Wilson and mom
March 21, 2016

My son had a felony drug and gun case pending on him and the expertise of Morgan Caruso had it dismissed completely. Its not on his record at all. When trouble arises with my son, myself, or a family member Morgan Caruso is the one I would call she will give you 200%. She is very compassionate.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. -Laotzn-
4.0 stars
Posted by Tom
February 26, 2016

Ms. Morgan got my charge f2 reduced to f5. Very good job. She’s Thorough,Aggressive,Assertive and most of all very Professional!! Would I recommend her? I already have. You should give her a call today…

GREAT Results in Reducing Significant Traffic Charges
5.0 stars
Posted by John
February 21, 2016

I faced multiple traffic charges in South Euclid Municipal Court. Ms. Morgan Caruso very successfully fought these charges on my behalf. The result was a single guilty plea to a much lower offense. I consider my result to be the very best possible for me under the circumstances. Morgan successfully suppressed much of the evidence based on a lack of Miranda rights and other improper arrest procedures. Morgan is very professional and knowledgeable. She is confident, but not cocky. She displays toughness and empathy at the same time. I believe this combination makes her an excellent advocate for your defense. Her toughness and confidence mean that she will absolutely defend your rights to the fullest. Her empathy and winning personality mean that she does not come across as the court’s enemy. She is tough, but overly aggressive. She proved to be an effective and winning negotiator when dealing with the prosecutor. I was both happy and proud to have her representing me. At every step in the process, Morgan performed all necessary research (including obtaining and reviewing dash-cam and body-cam footage), due diligence, and document preparation. She was always perfectly prepared. She is also, quite simply, a nice person. I am glad to know her. But most important for me were the results that we obtained. Charges were dismissed and another reduced due to her determined defense. I was very pleased with her services. I highly recommend Ms. Morgan Caruso as your attorney in defending major traffic charges. Morgan would bring these same skills in defending higher-level criminal charges. In my case, Morgan was very successful in dismissing and reducing significant traffic charges. Do not hesitate to use her services.

one in a million
5.0 stars
Posted by Paul
February 19, 2016

Morgan R. Caruso handled my case better than i could’ve EVER asked for! She works miracles in the courtroom and her legal services are impeccable!! If you are looking for legal representation (don’t think twice) she is without a doubt who you call.

5.0 stars
Posted by Steven
July 18, 2015

I was referred to Ms. Sigman by a relative and have used her multiple times. She has assisted on several traffic violations and was always able to reduce or eliminate fines and penalties and arrange so I did not have to appear in court. She is always professional and prompt and I highly recommend her services, especially for busy professionals who don’t have the time to appear in court.