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Grant MacKay

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I have dedicated my legal career to advocacy for both individuals and the larger community, recognizing the importance of each for the other.

As an attorney, I have always practiced zealous representation of clients while focusing on improving their life, family, friends, and community. I have been in a unique position to place many clients on a better path, helping our community one person at a time.

I have practiced the law at every level of Ohio’s judicial system, from local courts to experience with both Ohio Appellate and Ohio Supreme Court briefs. At the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s office, I first focused on support enforcement, followed by felony prosecutions.

Following my work for the Prosecutor’s office, I focused on civil litigation. I have experience with wrongful death claims, employment discrimination, will contests, medical malpractice, personal injury, and construction disputes.

I expanded my practice to represent individuals in criminal matters, with a focus on helping good individuals who had a lapse of judgement and face life-changing criminal accusations. As a defense attorney, I have experience with the entire range of criminal cases from Aggravated Murder to Drug Possession. I have done over 3,000 cases at the Common Pleas Court level. Currently my jury win rate is 95%. My trials include Rape, Robbery, and Murder.

I have represented many individuals who could not afford an attorney, and assisted those struggling with mental health and/or drug addiction issues. Working on behalf of the vulnerable also led me to become a Guardian Ad Litem, responsible for representing the best interest of a child when parents’ judgement has been called in question by irresponsible decisions, or influence of drugs or alcohol. When serving as Guardian Ad Litem, I acted as the eyes and the ears of the Court, reporting in an unbiased way how a child is treated and what I recommend for programs to assist the family efforts.